What’s the Big Deal About Big Data?

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data Whats the Big Deal About Big Data?“Big Data” is one of the hottest technology topics in business today. And for those who don’t understand the term, it’s easy to dismiss it as yet another IT buzzword.

There’s a reason it has captured the attention of corner office executives in so many industries.  Unlike many corporate IT terms you hear about, Big Data describes a problem, not the solution.

Big Data is data that has grown so large it cannot be processed efficiently through traditional database technology. It’s also inherently unstructured, which makes it difficult for traditional databases to neatly organize, search and analyze. Data from emails, images, and social media posts are a few examples of the types of Big Data that can outwit the abilities of typical corporate databases.

Companies eager to mine Big Data are turning to solutions based on a newer type of database technology, called NoSQL, which is up to the challenge of processing, organizing and analyzing large volumes of unstructured data.

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mitchk Whats the Big Deal About Big Data?

Mitch Kaufman

Mitch Kaufman is president of IFS Technology Solutions and a published author on Cloud computing, Big Data solutions, customized software and other topics.
mitchk Whats the Big Deal About Big Data?

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