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News Release Apr. 23, 2013

New IFSLeaseWorks Supports Innovative Deal and Investment Structures, Improves Partner Communications

Company also unveils new corporate name, web site

SOUTH HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ, April 23, 2013 — Increased efforts of the equipment leasing and asset finance industry to mitigate risk and offer new financing structures inspired enhancements to IFSLeaseWorks, company officials announced today. IFSLeaseworks is an integrated software system used by banks, captives, and independent leasing companies in the United States to manage leases and loans efficiently throughout their lifecycle.

Mitchell Kaufman, president of IFS Technology Solutions (formerly known as Integrated Financial Solutions), said version 3.5 of the company’s IFSLeaseWorks product includes a participation module that supports unlimited numbers of investors.

“Lessors now have the ability to mitigate risk by selling any portion of the lessee payment stream to an unlimited number of investors,” he explained. “The participation module manages this, allowing plenty of flexibility.”

The company also has expanded IFSLeaseWorks functionality for floating rate leases.

Lessors are looking to new financing structures including floating rate leases in response to customer demand,” Kaufman added. “This enhancement enables them to handle floating-rate lease payments based on a user-defined financial instrument such as LIBOR or T-Bill, where the rate, and underlying payment, vary over time.

Among other enhancements to IFSLeaseWorks is the ability for lessors to create their own invoice formats and email a PDF document to customers.

IFSLeaseWorks is delivered “in the cloud” or on-premises and backed by a team of professionals – here in the U.S. – that provides customer support. For more information, visit www.ifsleaseworks.com

IFS Technology Solutions, formerly known as Integrated Financial Solutions, provides industry-leading products, customized software solutions, and information technology (IT) services to support clients throughout the U.S. The company launched in 1994 with a focus on the finance industry, through its flagship software IFSLeaseWorks. Today, IFS Technology Solutions serves a wide span of industries and organizations with a full range of software design and IT services. Its innovations, focused applications, and support help companies improve business processes, enhance productivity, and increase revenues.

For more information visit the company’s new web site at www.ifstechnologysolutions.com.

Media Contacts:
Mitchell Kaufman, IFS Technology Solutions
(201)-288-5599 X201

Carla Young Harrington, Susan Carol Associates Public Relations
(540) 479-7835

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