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Manage leases or loans throughout the life cycle

IFSLeaseWorks is the ultimate solution for bank, captive, and independent leasing organizations. With its unrivaled level of automation and broad scope of functionality, IFSLeaseWorks efficiently and effectively supports the life cycle of a lease or loan.

IFSLeaseWorks for banks

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  • Ability to interface with:

  • Internal bank systems – FIServe, Kirchman, and General Ledger
  • Existing credit adjudication system or to use LeaseWorks’ built-in credit scoring system

  • Basil II compliance
  • Blind discounts

IFSLeaseWorks for captives

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  • Document generation
  • Branch/dealer network application entry and tracking portal
  • Customer portal
  • Automated credit scoring
  • Business intelligence portal
  • Flexible asset or group-level billing
  • Cost-per-usage accounting

IFSLeaseWorks for independents and vendor lessors

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  • Support for direct or vendor-channel originations
  • Private-label programs
  • Support for vendor relationship management
  • Vendor pass-thru payment automation
  • Vendor income and residual-sharing automation
  • Vendor application entry and tracking portal
  • Customer portal
  • Blind discounts
  • Syndication and participation support
  • Lease and loan management
  • Cost-per-usage accounting

Our US-based support team is passionate about finding solutions for all of our customers – and equally committed to providing an unmatched level of support and customer service.

IFSLeaseWorks is the premier system available today for lease and loan management. A consolidated front-end/back-end system, it provides unrivaled efficiency that disparate systems cannot offer. The IFSLeaseWorks software suite includes a business intelligence portal, dealer/vendor portal, and customer service portal. Built on a combination of Web-based and desktop technologies, IFSLeaseWorks offers browser-based access and central system management. Our service-oriented architecture supports integration with external systems to enable custom add-on modules. IFSLeaseWorks is delivered in the cloud or on-premises and is supported by our team of professionals – right here in the United States. Check out our detailed brochure for more in-depth information.