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IFS Staff Spotlight on Brian McMahon

Staff spotlight

Brian McMahon

Vetted Jeopardy contestant, veteran traveller, voracious reader — and IFS’s first employee

When asked to describe long-time IFS staff member and software developer Brian McMahon, company president Mitch Kaufman is quick to answer: “He happens to be super smart.”

Brian’s appearance on a 1998 episode of Jeopardy is ample proof of Mitch’s observation. Although Brian was defeated in the Final Jeopardy round (correct question, “Who is Frank Sinatra?”), he came home with a Sony Power Cinema Package — and memories of an experience that never grows old.

The son of a professional basketball player and coach, Brian says he has typically gravitated more to cerebral pursuits than athletic ones. At Rutgers University, he pursued his lifelong love of math, studying computer programming.

“Software development has always appealed to me,” he says. “It’s a lot like solving puzzles. I like delving into complex problems, exploring options, and mapping solutions.”

He has ample opportunity to do just that in his work at IFS. The company’s first employee, joining Mitch in 1994, Brian is the brains behind the accounting engine of IFS LeaseWorks, an integrated lease and loan management software system used by equipment leasing and finance firms nationwide.

The company’s flagship product, LeaseWorks is widely hailed as having the industry’s most flexible accounting and structuring features — a reflection of Brian’s problem-solving thought process. He works also with IFS clients in developing customized software innovations that enhance their operations and business goals.

Brian has spent most of his life in New Jersey, but has travelled also to far destinations, from Europe to Australia. Favorite country? France. “It’s the food,” he says. Plus, he can speak the language.

A prodigious reader, he enjoys “just about any work of fiction,” with a penchant for Charles Dickens. He is also a regular viewer of TV reality shows Survivor and The Amazing Race. Would he consider being a contender in these competitions? “No way,” Brian says. “Too grueling!” But few would be surprised to find him on another quiz show.

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