Manage the entire Application process through a single screen

LeaseWorks1 Front Office


  • Efficiently manage leases and loans from entry to booking with an adaptable workflow.
  • Gain efficient application entry through integration with third-party systems, our vendor/dealer web portal, or manual keying through our high-volume entry screens.
  • Give internal and external users access to applications, decisions, and documentation.

Credit Scoring

  • Use custom credit-scoring algorithms with data from Equifax, TransUnion, Experian, D&B, and PayNet, as well as internal data.
  • Retain credit data in the IFSLeaseWorks database and reuse until a pre-defined expiration date.
  • Send delinquency data back to bureaus through available uploads.


  • Create document templates using Microsoft Word.
  • Configure document rules to automatically create and deliver the appropriate documents to a borrower or lessee.
  • Merge all lease or loan documents into one consolidated document for easy delivery and execution.
  • Receive documents as a PDF file or a password-protected Word document.


  • Track multiple invoices for each transaction.
  • Disburse payables by check or ACH credit.
  • Deduct payments due from payee directly from invoices.
  • Pay vendors or define one-off payees and track for future 1099 reporting.