Customer service portals: building brand love

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Brand Loyalty Image  300x168 Customer service portals:  building brand loveThe retailer Target doesn’t talk about brand loyalty; they talk about “brand love.” Nothing makes them happier than when a customer says, “I love shopping at Target.”

Brand love begins as brand loyalty and then becomes an obsession. At the core of this affection is an unbeatable “experience” when a customer connects with your store or service.

So, how do you build brand love? In today’s world of instant connection, a customer self-service portal – enabling customers to complete transactions, track order status real time and get their questions answered – is a business essential.

The more functions you offer online, the less likely your customer service agents will have to work with a client offline.

Key functions expected in a customer service portal are summarized here:

Portal feature Lets the customer:
Purchase history See a summary of products or services purchased in the past
Documents Execute documents and gain online access to these documents for easy reference and reprint
Open accounts receivable items See what they owe, when it was due and what it was for
Termination information See early termination fees, if applicable
Pay online Make a one-time payment and register for recurring automated clearinghouse payments
Online chat Communicate with an on-line agent
Return policy Conveniently access your return policies
Invoice regeneration Regenerate a past invoice instead of having to call customer service and wait for an email


Customer service portals should run seamlessly through a traditional web browser on a desktop monitor or mobile device.   A separate, mobile-specific application can also be developed and should be targeted at the iOS (iPhone) and Android, as they dominate the hand-held market.

Not only are customer portals highly efficient, but customers often like them better than more time-consuming, agent-assisted support by phone. Your business can stay open 24/7 and deliver a high-touch experience for customers – while reducing administrative costs and building the kind of brand love that powers growth and profits.

mitchk Customer service portals:  building brand love

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mitchk Customer service portals:  building brand love

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