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Cloud Computing

Devise the optimal strategy

clouds Cloud ComputingCloud computing provides technology solutions as a service through public or private networks, helping your organization to reduce spend on technology infrastructure and maintenance; improve accessibility; and provide seamless scalability – giving your business a more competitive edge.

At IFS, our cloud consulting experts can help devise the optimal cloud strategy to suit your IT environment and business needs. We will conduct an in-depth infrastructure and cost analysis and provide recommendations on which cloud solutions will be ideally suited for your business and which applications will need to move to the cloud. We pilot application migration to the cloud by moving a small number of applications, ensuring seamless migration and mitigating the risk of service interruption.

We can also help in architecting and designing your private cloud infrastructure to provide and manage your in-house distributed applications and solutions. Our cloud provisioning strategy considers your near-term and long-term growth plans, ensuring that regardless of the number of users and number of business processes you run in your enterprise, our setup will seamlessly scale to these needs. We also manage your virtual infrastructure by monitoring resource use, tracking system performance and availability, and alerting administrators as needed.