Big Data Uses for Equipment Leasing and Finance

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Equipment leasing and asset finance companies can benefit in so many ways from incorporating the analysis of Big Data – including social media posts, emails, and images – into their businesses. By integrating Big Data solutions into lease management systems and credit scoring systems, companies can gain a real-time understanding of their vendors, brokers, lessees and the forces impacting them worldwide.

Big Data solutions can improve decision-making when you’re:

- entering into and reviewing new vendor and broker agreements
- underwriting new applications
- identifying fraud and channel partner weaknesses
- managing portfolio risk
- evaluating the credit risk of lessees, whether individuals or corporations
- considering new markets and geographic regions
- tailoring marketing to specific market segments and clients
- handling collections

Do you really want to team up with a new vendor who is being pummeled on Twitter for bad customer service? Do you really want to sign a lease agreement today with a lessee overseas whose business is on the path of a natural disaster? Wouldn’t it be great to identify new channel partners and customers with the help of social media data? Big Data solutions can provide these insights and more for equipment leasing and asset finance operations.


For a more in-depth evaluation read my article here

mitchk Big Data Uses for Equipment Leasing and Finance

Mitch Kaufman

Mitch Kaufman is president of IFS Technology Solutions and a published author on Cloud computing, Big Data solutions, customized software and other topics.
mitchk Big Data Uses for Equipment Leasing and Finance

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