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LeaseWorks2 Back End


  • Structure leases efficiently: direct finance, operating, and floating rate structures.
  • Structure loans with a variety of options: fixed or floating rate structures – 30/365, 365/365, or actual/365 amortization basis, fixed payment/adjustable balloon floating rate loan.
  • Use internal general ledger to support cash or accrual-based accounting with table-driven debits/credits.
  • Interface general ledger data (daily, monthly) to any corporate GL system.
  • Easily create buyout methods with our user-defined buyout system.
  • Use automatic accounting for blind discounts.
  • Receive support for syndication or multi-party participations.

Customer service

  • Track customer requests with user-defined work queues. Track turnaround time and user efficiency.
  • Store and view comments at the contract or customer level. Associate external documents with comments.
  • Generate buyout quotes at the contract, schedule, or asset level. Track the history and details of each buyout quote.
  • Pay vendors or define one-off payees and track for future 1099 reporting.


  • Use automated billing with emailed invoices/statements, automated ACH payment, or automated credit card payment.
  • Generate NACHA-compliant ACH files and automatically process ACH rejection files. Automated ACH re-tries and fee assessment based on ACH rejection code.
  • Create your own invoice formats for print or emailed invoices.
  • Select billing frequencies: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, weekly (fall 2013).
  • Invoice on any day of the month, any number of days in advance of the due date.
  • Use automated lockbox processing with user-defined payment hierarchy for past due, current, and future-due items.


  • Populate collection work queues nightly based on user-defined rules.
  • Prioritize work queue with user-defined collection work queue filters.
  • Streamline collections with user-defined collection actions and collection letters. Collection activity is tracked by collector.
  • Email collection letters directly or queue for nightly processing.
  • Receive immediate credit card authorization for one-time payments.

Asset management

  • Allow for partial terminations with asset-based accounting. Partially terminated assets can be transferred to inventory for sale or release.
  • Generate an invoice for each asset or group of assets with asset-level billing.
  • Specify an asset-specific payment plan with asset-level pricing.
  • Track location, sales tax, and property tax at the asset level.


  • Use Excel downloads and formatted reports. Schedule download and reports to run automatically or interactively.
  • Leverage the power of an integrated data warehouse and business intelligence portal featuring technology from Oracle.
  • Display key performance metrics with pre-defined dashboards.
  • Create user-defined ad-hoc reports and configurable dashboards.
  • Integrate data from other systems into the data warehouse.